B.Aliya Khan (Founder  & CEO) Ms Khan

The world today is a fascinating mix of people, cultures and races. Geography has ceased to be a barrier to people who relocate for work or study. But at the end of the day, there is an inner desire to connect with people from similar ethnic backgrounds. There is a need to keep abreast with news from their own country and to acquaint themselves with the events happening in the community locally. Global Sound Radio was founded in an effort to fulfill such needs of the North American & Europe Community. It is geared towards uniting the North American, Europe & Asia community with instantly engages it with current and community centric information. The found is an American based leading marketing and real estate personality of the company with premier assets. Ms. B. Aliya Khan (Founder & CEO) Ms Khan is an accomplished business woman, and an Entrepreneur living and doing business in the USA for many years, her strong points are negotiating, Marketing, passionate and perfectionist in everything she does with good ethics always a team player. Ms Khan has been a Real Estate agent doing Residential and commercial transactions for many years, also a mortgage broker for many years ,also owned and managed a home Health agency and is in the process of opening a few more businesses. Last but not least she has a non profit organization (NGO)as she loves helping people in need. Her hobbies are Traveling, Cruising. Cooking, music, movies and outdoors.


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